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Paul Stewart

Started at 18 at local club, learned the trade the hard way and in the deep end, resident in local club for 3 years while DJing at Universe under 18s on Saturday evenings  rocking with all the big wigs of that time

After a couple of guest slots at Fubar, Canteen( Edinburgh) and a massive under 18 night in Glasgow’s Barrowland’s  (PULSE) I ran a night called Essence in Edinburgh and in the Works nighclub in my home town.

Currently involved in pure107 running the Souljack InHouse show playing all house mainly jackin, soulful, funky chunky get it.   loving Nu-Disco   We took souiljack out to the pubs last year and enjoyed every second of it.


 waiting on a release date for their first Track  should be out on Rythym Mystic Recordings shortly

building listener base on 107 feeling positive.

Souljack inHouse



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